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BiCupid Review 2023

BiCupid Review 2023
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Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 69%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 240 874
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 6.1
Popularity 7.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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What Can You Expect From BiCupid?

BiCupid is the dating service with many BiCupid review rumors buzzing around it. But a picture is worth a thousand words. That is why we are going to explore the most talked-about dating hookup in our BiCupid review. BiCupid takes a significant share on the market of online dating sites. It conquered bisexual’s heart because of its welcoming and sincere environment. Somehow the BiCupid founders managed to create a safe place for light-hearted and, to some extent, wild singles who are in search of new adventures, ready to talk, seduce and be seduced, and love. Probably, BiCupid dating deserved this level of trust because it was a pioneer hookup site for the LGBT community. It was a brave move that the founders made it, and it seems that people still appreciate that by keeping using BiCupid.

But there is always fly in the ointment, and some people claim the site has privacy issues. But how big are they? How real are those gossips? We hope that this BiCupid review will help to dot the I’s and cross the T’s because we are going to explore every single button, check all the functions in both desktop and app versions, and tell you the naked truth about the BiCupid hookup. After reading this honest BiCupid review, you will know exactly if this dating site worth its money as well as other, even more valuable currency — your time.If you are ready — fasten your seat belts because our journey into the world of bisexual hookup on BiCupid has just begun!

Pluses and Minuses

BiCupid Pluses and Minuses?

Before going into the details of the BiCupid site and its members, registration, usability, and so on, we would like to give a short overview of the main advantages and disadvantages because we know that this part helps you the most. It is critical when you decide whether you should go on reading or not.

First, let’s talk about the positive sides of BiCupid:

  • it does not matter what people say, but we must admit that BiCupid remains one of the most popular dating services for bisexual both women and men;
  • people here are looking for some petty affaire d’amour and experiments, as well as for some other more definite bounds;
  • user-friendly navigation makes BiCupid simple in finding a perfect match right for you;
  • the whole sign-up process on BiCupid is quick and easy, and the possibility to register using your Facebook account makes the entire procedure a piece of cake;
  • with the unique system of privacy, you can choose what category of BiCupid online members can see particular information of your account;
  • over more than 17 years of existence, BiCupid has become something more than just some bisexual hookup and goes far beyond it. It is a real community of like-minded people, so sometimes when you look for a fun fling, you may find a sincere and loyal friend. We know, it may sound somewhat weird, but life is not only what we know about it.

Now the time for the disadvantages has come too. Among the major we would name the following:

  • people on BiCupid are still more interested in some short affairs, and the site cannot be called marriage- or family-oriented. However, it is a matter of luck. We just believe that forewarned is forearmed, and do not want you to build castles in the air;
  • as on every other dating site, if you’re going to get the best matches for the best results, then you need to pay for a Gold Membership on BiCupid. The free account has a limited number of options. That is a frequent topic, so we do not believe BiCupid should be blamed for that.

Can You Trust BiCupid?

Can You Trust BiCupid

We solemnly swear that yes. Judge for yourself, BiCupid online was founded in 2003. For such a long time, it has proved its legitimacy as a dating site for bisexual people. Thousands, or maybe even millions, of users who found a worthy person, made sure that the BiCupid hookup is safe. Notwithstanding, you should always keep your eyes open. You know, just in case.

Who Are Those People That Use BiCupid?

Who Are Those People That Use BiCupid

As official BiCupid online data says, the site has been visited globally around 230,000 times. With such considerable figures, no wonder why it is calledthe biggest dating site for bisexuals. The lion’s share of the users is from English-speaking countries, such as Canada, the US, the UK, etc.

Even though males outnumber the female members on BiCupid (correlation is about 70% to 30%), there is a room for everyone who seeks for the ways to release their deeply covered desires and find out more about their sexuality. About 50,000 users are joining BiCupid each month, so no need to worry — sooner or later you will meet someone right. The high weight of BiCupid members uses the platform for some occasional hookups and dating. Still, some look for (and we must add, many successfully find) serious relationships. BiCupid gives a lot of happiness and hope to single people. It also tries to help those couples that want to ignite a spark by adding some extra experience into their bedroom agenda. For that, couples can register on the site together.

Sexualities on BiCupid

BiCupid welcomes every sexual orientation. It does not matter whether you are straight, gay, or bisexual. In any case, on BiCupid, you will find someone at least for a chat. But you should keep in mind that primarily BiCupid was created for the LGBT people. So please do not get offended if someone approaches you and offers gay or lesbian sex.

How Old Are BiCupid Members?

The average age for the people on BiCupid varies from 25 to 34. It is quite easy to explain that younger people tend to be more easy-going and open to new experiences. They aspire to try as much as possible while they still at their ripest. That is why users of this age range are more active on BiCupid.

Sign-Up Process & Login Information


In all our articles, we always pay special attention to the registration procedure, and this BiCupid review is not an exception. It is crucial how quick and easy the sign-up process is, how much effort you need to put before you start seeking the love of your life, or someone who would significantly improve your evenings and nights too. We must say that with BiCupid,you are ready to go with your matches in about 5 minutes. That is precisely how much we spent on the whole process. However, you can stop reading at this point unless you are 18 years old or older. The sign-up procedure takes you 5 minutes if you go with the standard process. If you decide to speed it up, then you can use the Facebook way. You do not have to worry about privacy or any accidental leaks, because BiCupid never posts anything on Facebook on your behalf using your profile information. The whole process requires three steps:

  1. creating a BiCupid profile: here, you are offered to provide your phone number (optional thing) and verify your email. We hope that there is no need to explain this requirement and why your email address must go through the verification procedure;
  2. uploading your profile picture: you do not have to do that right away, but sooner or later you will have to do this since everyone on theBiCupid dating must have their photos;
  3. and, of course, filling the information about yourself on your account and putting the wishes about who is your perfect match. We will tell separately about creating a profile and what kind of information needs to be there. There is a good thing that in the About Me or My Match/Friends sections, the minimum required character is just 50. You do not have to waste your time on long texts and can write only the most essential points.

In case you find hard times with what to write in those fields, BiCupid took care of you in advance and prepared some handy tips on how to make the dating profile look attractive so that other users choose you among others on BiCupid.

Making a Profile


So, what information BiCupid requires from you? We created an account, and our BiCupid review will now explain this procedure in rich detail. First, as on any other dating provider, you will have to tell some necessary information about yourself, like your age, height, ethnicity, marital status, and location to accelerate the matching process. Do not forget your phone number and email. But remember that even if you can skip the part with the phone number (yes, you do not have to, it is just not visible), the part with email cannot be missed at all. Moreover, in approximately 10 minutes after you created a BiCupid profile, you will receive a letter with the verification code. The privacy and security of its users have always been one of the top priorities for BiCupid.

Once you do that and ticked Agree under the Service Agreement and Privacy Policy of BiCupid, you are ready to go with the site and can move on to the next step. Another essential part is your profile picture on BiCupid. You can be extremely interesting, with a hilarious sense of humor, but, sadly, nobody will get a chance to check that until you have a group photo from the high school prom as a profile picture. Remember, that all the images get verified by BiCupid, so this kind is likely (even if you are a star on it) to be rejected. We recommend opting for the beautiful frontal pictures in a good light, where your face is visible. If you decide to use the Facebook sign-up option, you can import the images directly from your account, but they will also be verified, which might take some time before they appear in your BiCupid profile.

In the section about you and your match, you are free to write whatever you want about yourself and what you need BiCupid for. But do not worry if you did not come up with the attractive heading, because you can come back at any moment.

Means of Communication

People on BiCupid come here not only in search of some hookup or a one-night-stand but also for some excellent old communication. For that, they can use various means like:

  • Direct Messages
    No other website can go without the usual one to one messages. But starting a chat is available only for premium BiCupid users. If you do not have a paid account, then you are allowed to reply to the messages.
  • Wink
    There is also a chance to start messaging with the matchings while having a standard profile on BiCupid. You can use winks for that. In both plans, you have an unlimited number of them.
  • Blogs and Forums
    Last but not least is the opportunity to find like-minded people on various forums and blog comments. As we mentioned before, BiCupid is far beyond being a hookup site only; it is a real community for people who are free in expressing their feelings and thoughts.

Devices to Use

BiCupid online is available in both desktop and mobile versions. If you are willing to have the world of bisexual hookups with you, then you can draw off the app on your iOS and Android devices. The app is free of charge and can be easily downloaded if you have Google Play or App Store account.

Desktop Version

Both desktop and the app are user-friendly and pretty intuitive. But we must be honest in this BiCupid review and have to admit the website appears to be a bit out-of-date. The site looks like one of those; it resemblesthe appearance of obsolete social networks. But as the biggest part of the users are 25+ years old, this similarity only plays into the hands of BiCupid.

BiCupid Application

BiCupid Application

Now you do not have a chance to miss a message from your favorite people on the site with the BiCupid mobile app. The application is chargeless, but in-app purchases of various premium plans are available in both App Store as well as Google Play accounts. It was kind of the developers to implement the functionality of the desktop version in the program. The BiCupid app is easy to navigate. The UI is pretty understandable and intuitive.

Layout & Ease of Use

Before writing our overlook, we had read many other BiCupid reviews, and many people noted that the design of the BiCupid is pretty simple. It is simple, indeed, and we believe this simplicity makes it easy for a user who does not hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (but for them too). Overall, the design of BiCupidis quite uncomplicated; the useability is user-friendly and does not require additional efforts to connect with other bisexual members on BiCupid.

When it comes to navigating the site, we always pay attention to how understandable and reachable it is. BiCupid dating is well-arranged and smooth in use. We even tried to put ourselves in the shoes of an average person who has never had an account on any dating site, and you know, everything seemed so clear: starting with the registering procedure and ending with the communicating on the BiCupid.

Is BiCupid Expensive?

BiCupid review?

Suffice it to say, as compared with other dating services, the price of BiCupid is above the average. But below, we will name the costs and just leave it up to your discretion on how affordable the BiCupid premium accountis. The six-month subscription on BiCupid costs $95.95 total, and the three-month on the checkout will be $59.95 total. Premium account for one-month will cost you $29.95. Note that whatever payment plan you will decide to go with, you will have to pay the whole amount upfront. Only one-month subscription will be renewed automatically, so in case you do not want to keep using BiCupid, do not forget to cancel the membership in advance.

Difference Between Free and Paid Account

Of course, there are some differences between the free profile and premium membership, and with the paid version, you get the complete access to all the functions on the site. Let us cover what is included in the BiCupid free version and a fee-based one. So, for no additional charge, you get the chance to:

  • share with members only up to 26 pictures;
  • look for people by location filter only;
  • make a list of your favorite BiCupid members;
  • reply to the messages received from paid users;
  • Spark feature.

For some extra cost, in addition to the free features, you will also have access to:

  • the possibility to look through the profiles anonymously;
  • see full profiles with the maximum of the information;
  • search by all the available filters like age, ethnicity, and so on;
  • start messaging on BiCupid first without waiting that someone will get in touch with you.

Payment Process

You can pay with various options for a gold membership on the BiCupid for a one-, three-, and six-month fellowship: with a credit or debit card, PayPal. If you want to buy a one-year subscription, which is cheaper, then your only option is banknotes. As we have already mentioned, your one-month membership will be renewed by default. So do not forget to cancel it if you decide to leave and delete the profile. A lovely thing that we like and think it is cute, that the payment for the subscription in your bank statement shows as a “SUCCESSFUL MATCH.”

Payment Methods

Payments on the BiCupid dating platform are facilitated by the most prominent payment systems and depend on the credit or debit card you have. Those are VISA, Mastercard, or AMEX. You can also pay via PayPal or Bank Check. For the dinosaurs (please, do not take it personally, but we think it is a little outdated), BiCupid made it possible to pay with Money Order by postal mail.

Privacy Guarantees

BiCupid Privacy

There is a pretty standard privacy policy on the BiCupid dating site. The owners do not hide the fact that they keep your personal information. However, in any way, they do not share it with third parties or disclose it to anyone else. There is something that might surprise you, although it is a regular thing for any other dating site: after you decide to delete the account, your personal and financial data will be stored for two years on BiCupid. But do not worry — it is a common practice, and everything is according to data protection law. However, if you are still concerned with this fact, you can choose PayPal as the payment method, which will protect your financial data.

Fraudsters on BiCupid

Even though the BiCupid privacy policy and some other additional measures help to filter the number of fraudsters on the site and make BiCupid a safe community for bisexual singles and couples, you always need to keep both eyes open. If you happen to notice something odd in other user’s profile, you can always report it by clicking the Report button in the top right corner and choose the reason why you think this page poses a threat. You help both yourself and other members by doing this. Also, you can block a BiCupid member for good, unless you want this person to contact you anymore. One-click in the top right corner in the user’s account will solve this problem.

Distinctive Functions

BiCupid Functions

Some features are available on BiCupid, and we would like to highlight them and give a short overview of each in this section of our BiCupid review:


The feature is available for both free and premium account owners and is a well-known swiping the profile. It allows you to check as many users as you want to, which increases your chances for a perfect match.

Bisexual Date Ideas

You can express your creativity at full breath and share your funniest and craziest ideas for bisexual dates. BiCupid awards the creators of the best ideas with premium membership.

Bisexual Forums

Raise your voice and share your thoughts on the most debatable topics on BiCupid forums. Get to know other members of the BiCupid bisexual community and make some contacts with like-minded people.

List of Favorites

No need to remember that cute blonde and all the parameters, because you can create your list of the users that you liked the most on BiCupid, and have an opportunity to get in touch with them whenever you are ready to do that.

Reverse Matches

This feature is available only for BiCupid gold members. It gives you a possibility to check people who are not your type, based on information in your profile and your previous matches. But who knows, maybe one of them will spark your interest, and it was just some bad luck that you had not met before?

Bottom Line

BiCupid FAQ

To sum up our BiCupid review, we would like to say that there are so many dating hookups for all the people — straight, gays, lesbians, bisexuals. But very few of those doesn’t imply dating is the only purpose. BiCupid is a safe community for bisexual singles and couples, where people can be free in expressing their desires and thoughts. The fact that BiCupid was founded in 2003 and weathered the storms through the years makes it trusted and reliable. Easy and user-friendly navigation of BiCupid helps the new participants to feel comfortable from the first click in the desktop and app versions at the same time. And the various fantastic features available on BiCupid will make the experience fun and friendly not only for premium members for quite a reasonable price but for the owners of the free BiCupid profiles as well.

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