EastMeetEast Review 2020: Who is This Site For & How to Use It?

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EastMeetEast is one of those dating sites that cater to specific ethnic groups. In this particular case, the site targets people of Asian descent. Most of its users live in major US cities and have a multi-race Asian origin. However, EastMeetEast does not restrict any other people from joining — anyone regardless of ethnicity and location is allowed to sign up. Still, Asians simply have more chances of landing successful dates with this service.

Another peculiarity of EastMeetEast is that this site is totally free for women. Men, on the other hand, must pay to access communication means. While the policy may seem unfair to some, almost a million users in the website database seem to have no problem with that. Why? Probably because this site has an astonishing success rate, having already matched over 70 thousand singles. And, the ones still looking for a love partner, have found fast friends with the same service. This makes people optimistic and keeps them returning to the site — even if they have to pay to communicate.

Will EastMeetEast be a good fit for you? Take a look at our detailed review to find out.

What users can you find on EastMeetEast

What users can you find on EastMeetEast?

Even though the site does not restrict any nationalities from joining, it is still focused around the idea of bringing young Asians together. And, differently from most other dating sites whose demographics took a life of its — and quite different from what the owners expected — in case of EastMeetEast, everything works like a Swiss clock.

Of 700 thousand users, half a million live in the United States. This number may not seem too high, but if you consider that a thousand and a half unique users log in the service every day, you’ll clearly see that most people you find in this site database are pretty active on the platform. It means way more than numbers for the sake of numbers — especially when many of the profiles have been inactive for years.

Luckily, EastMeetEast users are quite active. Besides, this site is not yet old — it was founded in 2013. Inactive profiles get deleted, usually by the users themselves and — often — because they have found their match.

Another curious detail is that you will not find any mature accounts on this service. Even people in their forties are poorly represented on EastMeetEast. Most website users are either young professionals or even students. Bottom line, the main demographics of this service are no older than in their early thirties.

Ladies’ accounts are more numerous than those of men — probably because women do not have to pay for communicating on the website. The disproportion is not too drastic, though. Most men are young professionals with a solid income; so, they can spare a couple of bucks per month on online dating.

A lot of people come here looking for love, but being young and open-minded, they do not cast friendships away either. So, this is a perfect and safe environment for young people of Asian descent to date and mingle.

How to join EastMeetEast

How to join EastMeetEast

Today, practically every self-respecting website offers a Facebook or Google login. EastMeetEast does offer a chance to sign up with Facebook, but with this particular service, social media login does not save that much time. You will still have to confirm your email and fill in certain profile graphs — manually.

You can, however, upload a pic from Facebook, which saves like a couple of seconds. Even then, you have to make sure the picture meets the site’s regulations (high-definition, clean face shot, and the standard basics apply). Make sure to pick something suitable within 24 hours after creating an account. Better yet — even sooner than that. Profiles that have not uploaded a picture become invisible to other users after a 24-hour deadline. More importantly, if you do not have a picture, you will not be able to see other users’ pics as well.

As for the rest, you do not have to fill in lengthy descriptions while registering. It’s enough to indicate your age, gender, the gender of your preferred match, location, and ethnicity. If you live in the US, specify your ZIP code. If you live outside the US, stating your country is enough.

How to contact other EastMeetEast users

If you are a man, the only way to reach out to other users is to get a paid membership. Until you pay, you can only use the search filters and view other people’s profiles. This, however, should be enough to see if someone picks your interest. You can also send a smile to the person you like — for free. The lady may even get back to you and write a message. You, however, will only see a brief preview of this message. The rest will remain locked until you pay.

On the upside, website search filters remain the same for free and paying members. It is also possible to see everyone who’s viewed your profile or sent you a smile. All prospective matches will be displayed in a grid in the search tab. The suggestions will not refresh too often, but you can toy along with the search settings from time to time. Who knows — you might find someone truly special if you just step out of your comfort zone.

Profile details and how to make the most of them

EastMeetEast accounts have what it takes to be detailed, but in practice — they usually are not. Even though this site rewards users for completing their accounts (perks include higher ranking in search results and free credits for men), a lot of profile graphs are self-descriptive boxes. So, users just drop a couple of quick lines and get their reward. Very few actually make use of this space to express their creativity.

You, however, can decide to fill in those graphs with more attention. There is nothing to be shy about it because — no one will give you marks for these ‘essays.’ Still, other singles will be evaluating your account and your personality from these descriptions. And who knows? Your sincerity may just land you a perfect match.

In total, EastMeetEast has five text boxes. First, there is ‘about’ section. The second — personal details — seems very similar to the first one, but we bet you can still find other aspects of your personality to focus on. Then, you have a text box for your Instagram account. Here, you can display any IG pics you like. The fourth and fifth text boxes are, respectively, interests and sports. If you are not into sports at all, you can share this info in your text box. Many people are not, so even a mutual dislike may sometimes help build a lasting connection.

Mobile version

Currently, EastMeetEast app is only available on the AppStore. The application has the same essential features as the website and, on top of that, an instant chat with push notifications. This should always keep you updated on the incoming messages. If, of course, you’re not an Android user.

Payment plans and methods

Unlike most other dating services out there that choose either subscription or per-service payments, EastMeetEast does not limit itself to just one of these options. With this site, you can either get a fixed-price subscription or stick to virtual credits that, essentially, unlock the same functionality — sending and reading messages.

Coins or credits are purchased in bulk and can be a great way to get started with the service. If you are not yet certain you’ll need a full-length subscription, you can always start with a minimal batch of 1800 credits for just $5. Sure, such a batch will not last long because sending one message already takes 100 coins. But, it should be enough to start talking with someone who picks your interest. By the way, new users get 100 free coins when they join the site, and it is also possible to score some free coins on completing your profile.

Going with a larger amount of coins is also an option. For example, you can purchase 4,800 virtual coins for $10 or go with the top amount of 18,000 coins for $25 real cash. If, however, you like the site enough to consider such massive credit packages, we suggest a more budget-wise approach — subscribing for a fixed price premium membership.

With fixed-price plans, all available communication options are included in the subscription by default. The cost of each plan will vary — the longer you subscribe for, the lower your average monthly expenses will be.

For example, one month of using website services comes at $35. In contrast, buying an annual membership is just $143.88, which gives us approximately $12 a month. There is also a three-month period that costs $69 total or around $23 a month. Using EastMeetEast for six months will cost you around $33 a month, but since you are expected to pay for the whole period in advance, your end bill ill reach $198. Obviously, going with a full-year plan is a wiser and cheaper choice.

These prices may seem a bit high because most mainstream dating sites charge less than that. On the other hand, a lot of niche sites — especially the ones that deal with a specific ethnic group — charge an even higher amount. So, we’d have to call EastMeetEast prices slightly higher than average — for niche dating.

Currently, the site only accepts credit cards, but since they work with a whole array of banks, this should not become a problem. Note, however, that all payments are set to automatically auto-renew. So, if you want to cancel your membership or, on the contrary, upgrade to a longer and more profitable plan, you should do so at least a day before your current subscription expires.

It is possible to cancel your membership any time you want and even permanently delete your account. Both options are available in the profile settings.

User reception and feedback

User reception and feedback

There is not a single dating service in the world that would satisfy every customer. However, EastMeetEast seems to get close enough to this goal. Most people who’ve used this service give it a solid 4 out 5 — sometimes, even higher than that. Of course, some men are unhappy about having to pay for communication, especially given that the ladies do not. But, we believe that financial matters are not the primary thing that makes a dating site worth it.

What’s really important is for the service to work, and EastMeetEast clearly manages this task. Fake and spam accounts on this site are practically non-existent, enough though any lady can join and chat for free. For starters, admins screen all profiles. Next, the younger generation usually keeps a clear head when chatting online, so this site is not a profitable ground for scammers.

Most people who’ve tried this service say that they’ve never seen a fishy profile. Also, they mention that plenty of their online pals have become friends in real life. A lot of people found their romantic partners on this site. In other words, EastMeetEast works — and that’s what truly counts in the world of online dating.

Final word on using EastMeetEast

So, is this site worth joining? If you are an Asian in the US looking for Asian dates, this site has been designed specifically for you. Lots of people have already found matches and buddies with this service, and such a success rate is already a good indicator of the website’s reliability.

Of course, this service is not perfect if you are concerned about unfair payment policies. We, however, would advise changing your opinion — at least, on this subject. Today, EastMeetEast is one of those rare sites that treat women and give men a chance to showcase their altruism and money-making skills —without the risk of offending anyone. So, this may actually be one of the most gentlemanly sites available.

As for its logic, design, and website navigation, everything is simply great. EastMeetEast guarantees an outstanding user experience and keeps its promise.