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Feeld Review 2023

Legit Or Scam: The Truth About Feeld
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Active Audience 92%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 18-35
Profiles 1 250 000
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • To put it into perspective, there are more than 20 sexualities one can choose from.
  • These include hetero-flexible as well as homo-flexible.
  • The freedom provided on Feeld makes group chats and sexting fun like no other place.
  • Additionally, sign in to Facebook can be made incognito.
  • This ensures people can remain as discreet as they wish to be.
  • There is a risk of being exposed to cheaters.
  • It is not easy to understand people merely interacting with them on a digital platform.
  • Moreover, people often get mad when they don't go through the profiles properly and later find that they are a "poly."
  • There are a lot of fake identities on the app. Many people use profile pictures that clearly show they are from the Internet.

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What Is Feeld, Precisely?

Feeld is an online dating app that provides options more than you can think. It is an ideal space for those who are open-minded and love to explore. Users can mention their desires. They can pair up with partners they are attracted to. They can participate in group chats, have fun sexting, and also build emotional bonds. In this Feeld Review, you will get to know everything about the app you are curious about.

From the beginning, the brand boasted, making available opportunities for ethical non-monogamy. Therefore, they initially called themselves “Thrinder.” Consequent to Tinder filing a lawsuit, the name was changed to Feeld. Even this move was marked with a sense of wholeheartedness—since the brand stated that they were welcomingly expanding their mission by hinting towards providing “a playing” Feeld. The platform offers a healthy space for those couples who want to date someone together. Be it their mutual love-interest or a close friend who is just curious. Precisely, Feeld is the dating app of the new era, finding itself well-paced with the evolving vocabulary of relationships, sex, and sexualities. Read on further this Feeld Review to better understand how it works.

Legit Or Scam: The Truth About Feeld

Legit Or Scam: The Truth About Feeld

Feeld is a legit online dating app. It was launched in the United Kingdom initially with the name 3nder. The lawsuit by the company, from whose name it seemed to be inspired, doesn’t make the brand a scam.

It was developed by Domo Trifonov and owned by the startup company Feeld Ltd., which is based in London. In this Feeld Review, it is worth mentioning that there are no legal issues regarding which you need to be worried about regarding this platform. It is the most legit place to find the people you want to be with. You can be assured of finding someone to explore and enjoy your sexual preferences with.

The Feeld Demographics Explained

Here in this Feeld Review, you will be provided with a prominent picture of this platform’s membership. You will get to know exactly what kind of people you might meet on the app. There are presently more than 2 million users on the Feeld app. Weekly, about 500,000 people are using the app. Of these, 45% of the users on the app are from the United States. Nonetheless, since it is a location-based discovery application, you would be able to find great partners in your region.

A large part of the membership is comprised of polyamorous people. As much as 60% of the members log in as a couple. People may take longer to connect, but once a connection is formed, it keeps getting stronger as interactions keep increasing.

Users' Sexual Orientation: Detailed Info

Users’ Sexual Orientation: Detailed Info

The gender opinions on Feeld are quite broad. There are options to choose from 23 sexual identities. It is sociable towards people interested in kink, swinging, polyamory, having multiple partners at one time, and other sexual preferences.

  • The platform is welcoming and inclusive for everyone. Yet, the membership on Feeld application is constituted by 70% straight people.
  • There are 30% of females and 70% males. However, those who identify themselves as straight also state that they are bio-curious.
  • Most people on Feeld are open to many options.

How’s Age Distributed?

  • The maximum users on the application are among the age group of 26 to 32.
  • The total male membership ranges from 18 to 55.
  • Female membership ranges from 18 to 44.
  • Most males are in the group of ages 25 to 34. Most females are in the age group of 18 to 24.

How Is The Sign-Up Process?

How Is The Sign-Up Process?

You might be reading this Feeld Review to make sure that the sign-up process is safe. Then yes, you do not need to worry about the safety of your details on this app. Registration is done via the account on Facebook. Still, one can remain incognito by logging discreetly. The process of registration does not take more than 1 minute. The sign-up procedure also makes sure one reads the terms and conditions. Reading these will hardly take more than 3 minutes.

There is not much information required to be given in the sign-up process on Feeld. One doesn’t even need to state his real name, just a nickname besides age, contact number, birthday, and gender. Moreover, the nickname doesn’t need to be your real nickname too. It could be something creative, involving the name of your favorite fictional character or food. As soon as the sign-up process is complete, you will start to get matches as per your preferences.

The Profile Creation Process On Feeld

The entire process of profile creation is convenient. This also gives a drawback. Since taking advantage of the ease of profile creation, there are many fake profiles on Feeld. These profiles have photos that are not theirs. To counter this, the app checks authenticity by gauging the number of friends and photos on the Facebook account that is used to create the profile.

Before the sign-up process, one has to read the terms and conditions. They clearly state that that nudity is prohibited. Another plus is that profiles are not very detailed, which can protect you from potential stalkers. The information can also be modified later.

Profile pictures are visible to everyone on Feeld. One can state in detail what they are looking for in the “Desires” box.


  • All users can message each other for free.
  • But first of all, they have to like the person’s profile.
  • Following this, they can connect only after the other person likes them back.
  • If the connection is formed, you can start chatting under the “Message” tab.

Messaging via texts is the only way to communicate. People on Feeld do communicate well with one another. There is no bar on how many people you can connect with, and people appear in each others’ searches as long as they match preferences.

Where To Use The Platform?

Where To Use The Platform?

As a real-life Feeld Review, there is no doubt that the platform has been created with great insights. There are ample choices from the gender spectrum available to the users. It is a potent bearer of the rainbow flag. In a highly humorous and compelling way, the app provides warnings against explicit content and nudity.

Messaging on a one-to-one basis is frequent. However, it is not regarded as fun on the platform, as is the group chat. With all this, people are comfortable setting the necessary boundaries too.


Unfortunately, there is no desktop website version of this dating platform.



Feeld can be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store on both Android and iPhones, respectively. The feed on the app is full of humorous and engaging content.

Interactions and development of interests may take some time initially. But once you start to find what you’re looking for, there would be no stopping you. Those who are looking for building long-term relationships might be somewhat disappointed to read this Feeld Review. Yes, there are not many people on the app looking for affectionate relationships. The great part is that it is a very intuitive app. So once a person starts using it, they tend to prefer having fun and exploring over jumping into a long-term relationship.

Design And Usability Of The App

Imagine being all in the mood. Then, due to the dating app you’re using being full of bugs and having bad design, your mood to have fun getting ruined. Well, that is not the case here. The Feeld app is designed into a very user-friendly dating platform. Most beginners get to understand the dynamics of the app quickly and speedily. This includes even those who have never used any dating site before. This ensures that they feel enthusiastic while connecting as if approaching someone in some real-world setting like a park, a bar, or some fun gathering. Overall, the design of the app ensures having a great experience.

The app has the option of setting up a lock with a passcode. This prevents other people from accidentally opening the app. This highly necessary security feature is not present in many apps.


Navigation is exceptionally smooth. Instructions are pretty simple and straightforward. It is excellent to use the app for older people, too, as the icons are understandable and clear. Therefore, they don’t need to pressure their eyes on small and confusing icons. One can swipe the contact proposals quite smoothly on Feeld. There is a notification whenever someone messages you. However, there’s a delay in loading the messages often, leading to spoiling the mood with many.

Costs And Prices On Feeld

Dating is fun, and like all things excellent in this world, there is a price you might have to pay for getting the best of those things. Some services on the app are free, while some are fee-based. The essential ones are free. Those for which there is a fee are worth paying for. Additionally, the required price is also not too much, considering the benefits one gets from it. Here in this Feeld Review is a precise breakdown of fees and plans available to you to choose from.

Through your free registration, you will get access to some essential features on the app. Those free services of Feeld are as follows:

  • You can do messaging as much as you want.
  • You can view other people’s profiles, their pictures, and like their profiles too.
  • You can apply several search filters for finding precisely what you desire.

The fee-based services are as follows:

  • You can remain incognito while signing up from Facebook.
  • You will get to know the people who want to connect with you.
  • You would be able to view their last active status on the app.

The price for the “Majestic Membership” of one month on Feeld is 11.99 USD per month. While that for three months is 8 USD per month, totalling to 23.99 USD for the three months.

Paying For The Services

Paying For The Services

If you are worried about payment methods being lengthy, time-taking, and insecure on this dating platform, then fret not. The payment methods of Feeld are highly convenient and completely secure. The average prices that one has can be paid with ease too.

You will have to renew your “Majestic Membership” by payment every month if you choose the One-Month membership and pay 11.99 USD. While choosing for the three-month membership of 23.99 USD, you will have to renew after three months.

Payment Systems

There are mainly three modes of payment. All are digital payment methods. One is redirected from Feeld to a secure payment gateway when making the payment. You can pay using

  • Credit Card,
  • PayPal,
  • Or your mobile phone payment

Is The Dating Platform Safe?

Safety and security should always be your topmost priority. This is true for consuming anything either through the virtual world or in the real world. This Feeld Review can assure you that there is no threat to your safety and security on the part of the design and use of this dating app.

You might have to stay wary of cheaters. You might find people who would try to manipulate you emotionally. As mentioned above, there are many fake identities despite the app’s precautions to ensure authenticity. Nonetheless, these kinds of people are everywhere. You have to stay away from them on digital dating platforms and in the real world too.

Useful Scam Information

Useful Scam Information

There have been no scams reported concerning this incredible dating platform. The application has a reputation for being welcoming. It has a mission of providing free spaces and upholding the full rainbow flag. As of now, Feeld has maintained this reputation without any scams surfacing.

What Are The Special Features?

The ordinary Feeld Review of its unique features is worth all the hype and excitement. The parts of this dating app center towards connectivity and privacy. The special features can be availed by upgrading up from the free registration to its Majestic Membership.

Some of these unique features are as follows:

  • Hiding from Facebook Friends
  • You can stay discreet from those of your friends who are on Facebook as well as on Feeld. This will be achieved by facilitating yourself with this unique feature.
  • See your future connections.
  • The app will let you know of those people on the dating app who want to connect with you. This is one of the favourite features of most people enjoying the app.
  • See other people’s activity status.

Many of us need to know when our partners, prospects, or even those who seem interesting were last active on Feeld. For those of us, this is feature is the most essential to have.

Final Ideas

Final Ideas

This app makes possible mingling in a way that drives through the wildest desires of the people. This is a perfect place for people to break out of the traditional norms of sexuality. Here, you can be who you are. If you are not sure of who you indeed are, Feeld might be the place to begin an exciting journey of discovering and re-discovering yourself. It is quite apparent that it is not the best place for long-term, affectionate, and romantic relationships.

This dating app is known to boost the confidence of its users. People can feel attractive and confident only by staying true to themselves. You ask someone what they are into, and they will tell you so. You can set boundaries, and also learn to say no. In present times, we have withdrawn away from each other. We are ever more deprived of love and ways of fulfilling our desires. In such times, this app provides the option of connecting with a potential partner from anywhere in the world. It has come with a virtual “Stay at Home” thing to improve people’s lives as they are quarantined. Feeld is building a world where people can always find an arrangement for their quirkiest selves. They can communicate in a healthy and fun way. Know themselves and each other better and stay safe emotionally and as well as physically.

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