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TenderMeets Review 2023

TenderMeets Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 73%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 25-34
Profiles 3 500 000
Ease of Use 8
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It has a quick and user-friendly registration process
  • The signing up process does not require a username, thus speeding the process
  • Registration is completely free, and members can browse and send up to five messages per day free of cost
  • The website has an SSL certificate indicating a secure communication network
  • The website has an increasing amount of traffic every day
  • The website offers a 100% money guarantee if the members are not satisfied with the services
  • There is a three-day trial to access the website for a nominal fee, fully
  • The website is easily navigable and suitable for all ages
  • There are few claims of suspected scammers on the website
  • Quite a lot of ads on the website
  • Only paid members will get to access its services fully

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What Is TenderMeets?

TenderMeets is an online dating website with no particular niche but is an open space for anyone who is single and is looking for a tender soulmate. The website is owned by Portico Media Ltd, which also operates other online dating websites. If you don’t have the confidence to talk to a woman or a man upfront and is generally a shy person, TenderMeets is the place you should be. Read our TenderMeets review to know why you should be part of the TenderMeets community, how it works, and how you can be part of it.

One of the striking features of TenderMeets is that it does not have any specific targeted group. It aims to accommodate everyone and let anyone chat or date with anyone on the website. It believes in creating a safe and tender environment for singles to meet other singles waiting to commit to someone. This TenderMeets review will give you a clearer picture of the members present, what you can expect, and so on.

TenderMeets is not a website for those looking for flings or casual dating. The members here are genuinely looking for serious relationships and lifetime partners. If you think you are not ready for such a commitment, you should think twice before joining. Go ahead and read this TenderMeets review for better insights.

What Is TenderMeets

Is TenderMeets Legit Or Scam?

Since we are here to give you an honest TenderMeets review, you should know that there have been claims questioning the website’s legitimacy. However, the website dedicates a detailed section of its privacy policies and the name and address of the company. TenderMeets has seen many success stories, with many of its members satisfied with the service.

The 100% money-back guarantee offered by the website to its members adds to its legitimacy. TenderMeets has been around for a couple of years now and has helped many singles find their lovers. If the website were a scam, it wouldn’t have a growing number of members joining daily from different parts of the world.

What Is The Audience Quality Of The Site?

TenderMeets is not for any specific race, ethnicity, or region. It is a website that gives them the freedom to all its members to choose anyone they like from anywhere. The majority of the members on TenderMeets is from the United States of America. There is an average of 1,600,000 members from only the US. The database of TenderMeets is expanding every day, with 260,000 new members joining the website every month.

The other top users of this website are from countries such as Spain and France. The user base is spreading all over, with many members joining TenderMeets from other countries as well. There are special pages dedicated to dating in a specific country, such as Germany, Portugal, Australia, etc.

Sexual Orientation Of The Members

When you join TenderMeets, your sexual orientation is not an obstacle anymore. This website is a safe space for you to date anyone you like regardless of their gender openly. Though most members are straight, there are a large number of members from the LGBTQ community as well.

There are links on the website, such as “lesbian dating” and “gay dating,” which you can click to interact with someone of your type. There are also chat rooms dedicated to gay members that anyone can join.

Such features provided by TenderMeets shows that it is a place where you will find members with varying sexual orientations. So, don’t be shy anymore, and be a part of this diverse community.

How Old Are The Members?

The minimum age to register on TenderMeets is 18 years so that you will find members between the age of 18 years up to 55 years and above. The average age of members is between 25-40 years old. The highest number of members is males between 25-34 years of age, followed by 35-44 years old males. Male dominate this dating website, with approximately 67% of the total members.

Is TenderMeets Legit Or Scam

How To Join The Website?

Signing up with TenderMeets is an easy and quick process. The whole thing would take approximately not more than 10 minutes. Our TenderMeets review has provided a step-by-step explanation of the sign-up process.

  • Begin by choosing your gender and the gender who are interested in
  • Fill in your age, email, and a password
  • Your location will be automatically tracked down according to your IP address
  • Verify your email address to complete the registration process

One good thing here is that there is no need to make a TenderMeets username. It would help if you remembered that your login password on TenderMeets should never be the same as your email password.

TenderMeets How To Join The Website

Create An Attractive Profile

To get more likes and potential matches on the site, you need to create an attractive profile for yourself. After your registration process is completed, you will be asked to create a profile.

Profile creation will include a number of steps such as adding a profile photo, fill in some basic information such as your age, body type, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and other useful information. You can manage to skip filling out this information if you like, but it is best to complete the details.

Members can even upload videos on their profiles, allowing them to self-introduce through the videos. You can add more information on the “About Me” section, such as your education, lifestyle, or if you have any tattoos or piercings, etc.

A well-detailed profile gives the impression that the person is serious about the dating business. It encourages other members to come forward and contact you if they find you attractive.

Communicating On The Site

Communication with other members through messages is a simple process. You need to click on their username and then start conversations instantly. The chatbox opens up with few message ideas or opening lines.

It should be noted that free members cannot send more than five messages to other members. The chatbox mentions the number of complimentary messages left after you’ve sent messages to others. Members have to purchase subscription plans if they want to send more messages.

Paid subscribers can send unlimited messages to whoever they want. Also, free members cannot reply to messages sent to them.

TenderMeets Create An Attractive Profile

Platforms Available For The Website


The desktop site can be opened on any web browser and has a simple and easily navigable interface. The site has well-located icons that allow members to perform any function at the click of a button freely.

The site is brightly colored, with essential icons such as “Upgrade,” in green color, thus attracting the user’s eyes. Profile photos can be viewed on a bigger scale when used on a desktop. The presence of a seamless desktop operation allows users to focus their time on browsing through profiles rather than figuring out the features.

Mobile App

TenderMeets does not have a mobile app yet. But the website can be opened on mobile and used as freely as when used on a desktop.

Using the site on mobile is pretty easy, with tabs and icons that are visible.

The site uses the member’s location to find potential matches in the area. Using the site on mobile gives the flexibility to members to look for matches anywhere they go.

TenderMeets Platforms Available For The Website

Design And Usability

TenderMeets has a clean layout with a classic look and a straightforward logo. The site would appeal to both women and men with its predominantly white colors and blue and pink color to indicate the gender of the members.

However, the site has ads popping up that are from the site itself but can be a little invasive when you are busy browsing profiles. The chat messages also pop up every time a member sends a message, which can be quite disturbing at times.

The homepage will display a gallery of pictures with their name, distance, and age mentioned under the photo. These members are those that were chosen by the system based on your preferences. The site makes it comfortable for anybody to use it and browse through.

Ease Of Navigation

TenderMeets is easily navigable because it has all the critical icons placed right in front of the user. Essential search functions such as “Like gallery” “search tab” are all on the main navigation bar. The upgrade button, messages, notification icons are located where users can easily spot them.

Jumping from one function to another hardly takes any time, because it has a fast operating system. Members don’t have to tech-savvy to use this website.


TenderMeets Costs And Prices

Members who subscribe to the site’s premium membership gets access to unlimited features that really increases the chances of meeting someone special. Our TenderMeets review will give you a full break-up of all the subscription plans and the costs involved in joining them.

The premium membership plan at TenderMeets is divided into three packages of one month, three months, and six months. The one month plan is the shortest of them all and costs only $34.99. It is a good pick for those who want to get a taste of how the website works.

The three-month membership costs $59.97 ($19.99 per month), while the six months membership, which is the longest plan, costs $95.94 ($15.99 per month).

If you are serious about finding someone, your best bet would be to choose a longer subscription plan. Also, more extended subscription plans give you better deals and more discounts.

Another added advantage of using this website is that it even provides a three-day trial period for a nominal fee. If you are unsure about the website, you can simply go for their trial package.

Difference Between Paid Vs Free Access

TenderMeets does not provide a lot of features to its free users. Members need to be paid members if they want to enjoy all the services this site offers.

Our TenderMeets review has mentioned a list of differences between paid and free membership below.


  • Paid members can view full-sized images
  • Paid members can send and receive unlimited messages from other members
  • They can even share videos and photos on chat
  • They get priority customer service and support
  • Members can view full information of all profiles
  • They have an extended search option


  • Free users can create a profile
  • Members can upload photos and videos on their profile
  • They can browse and search for potential matches
  • Can send up to five messages to other members
  • Members can use the safe mode
TenderMeets Costs And Prices

How To Pay?

In our TenderMeets review, we want to guide our readers through the entire payment process. Payment on the website can be made through credit and debit cards, such as Visa, Amex. Mastercard, and a few others.

Go to the “Upgrade” button on your profile and choose the plan you want to subscribe to. Select the payment method and complete your payment process.

The whole process will only take a few minutes, and then you can start using the premium features instantly. The excellent part about TenderMeets is that if members are unsatisfied with the services, they can claim a refund. It offers a 100% money-guarantee; however, you need to satisfy certain criteria to be eligible for a refund, such as:

  • Interacted with at least five potential matches
  • Have logged in every week for at least three times
  • Have been active on the website for the last three months

Payment System

The payment system on TenderMeets is safe with secured transactions. Members can pay using either debit or credit cards. There are no other payment modes available for now.

Once you subscribed to a plan, your subscription plan is set on auto-renewal mode. The auto-renewal model renews the subscription plan for a full one month. The members can disable this mode if they want to.

However, on TenderMeets, unsubscribing to a plan is not as easy as subscribing to it. Members will need to make calls to customer service, give them your user ID, and a few other steps you need to follow to unsubscribe.

TenderMeets How To Pay

How Safe And Secure Is The Website?

TenderMeets has several restrictions and strong security systems that ensure that all the information shared by members on the site is safe and secure. The site informs that it has a team of moderators who continuously monitor the site for any suspicious activity.

All members’ profiles, including their photos, videos, chats, messages, and other information, are routinely checked to ensure that they comply with the site’s “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy.”

The site also encourages its members to be aware of fraud and report any inappropriate behavior.

Information shared on the website is kept solely to be used by the site for performing any important functions.

TenderMeets How Safe And Secure Is The Website

Does It Have A Scam?

TenderMeets is a relatively new dating website, but its proactive security systems have kept it free from any scammers. Members can report or block any other member they feel is suspicious.

The site also has a section called “Safe Dating” that gives members guidelines on how to date online safely. Members should follow these instructions diligently.

What Are The Special Features Of The Website?

  • Like Gallery

This feature on TenderMeets makes it easy to choose people you like. Members profile has a “Like gallery,” where there will be a list of potential matches’ profiles. You can either click on the heart button to like or the “X” button to pass.

All your liked profiles will be saved on your “you liked” file in your gallery

  • Promote my account

This feature allows members to promote their account even when offline by sending promotional messages about meetups and relationships on your behalf to others.

  • Safe Mode

The safe mode features enable members to control who can send them messages. When the safe mode is off, anyone on the website can send you messages. When you are in full safe mode, you will only receive messages from verified users.

TenderMeets Does It Have A Scam


TenderMeets is a dating website that is open for anyone to join from any part of the world. It gives single women and men the freedom to fully explore the online dating world with its user-friendly interface.

The website uses location-based matching making, thus helping members find someone special in their locality itself. Registering on the website is entirely free, but members need to subscribe to a membership plan to access all features fully.

The purpose of our TenderMeets review was to give a detailed analysis of the website to our readers and help them decide if they should become part of the TenderMeets family.

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